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  • Charity Work
  • Facing The World
  • As Medical Director and a Trustee of the charity organisation
  • 'Facing the World', Mr Kirkpatrick has treated children from all
  • over the world suffering with facial deformities.

Charity Work

Mr Kirkpatrick is the Chairman, Medical Director and a Trustee of the International charity organisation 'Facing The World'. The charity was started in 2002 and Mr Kirkpatrick has been one of the team of surgeons since its inception.

Facing The World treats children with severe facial deformities and disfigurement from all over the world. These children are unable to access medical care locally either due to lack of the appropriate medical resources, infrastructure or financial resources.

Children and their parents or guardians are brought to the UK for treatment by specialist teams of surgeons, anaesthetists, intensivists, paediatricians and a diverse range of medical specialties depending on their needs. Facing The World is also committed to training, building and supporting sustainable Craniofacial units in countries with the greatest need and has been involved in building a Craniofacial Centre in Danang, Central Vietnam since 2009.

The work of the charity has been independently audited by other Craniofacial surgeons and has featured in several major Television company documentaries.

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More about Facing the World

'Facing The World' is also involved in a training program, working with specialist medical teams in Danang General Hospital in Vietnam. Vietnam has the highest incidence of congenital birth defects in the world thought to be due to the use of genotoxic dioxone compounds during the Vietnam war in the 1970’s.

The charity supports surgeons and other medical staff to come to the UK for training and we have for the past 4 years travelled to Danang General Hospital to provide local training and treat patients who do not require to be transferred to the UK for medical care. Our aim is to provide the training and support necessary to establish a Craniofacial Unit in Danang General Hospital, so that the medical teams there will be able to provide specialist treatment for the children and adults of Vietnam who have severe facial deformity and disfigurement.